What is a Medical Weight Loss Program?
Medical weight loss is actually proven to be more reliable than the weight loss plan you would get from a gym or personal trainer. Because of the medical equipment in our facilities and a team of experts, you are guaranteed to get the best advice and see results on a regular basis. We are here to support and encourage you during your weight loss process, but also here to keep you accountable to your desired goals. We are dedicated to your success.

I have tried diets before with no success.
As we age, it becomes harder, if not impossible, to get rid of unwanted weight gain. It seems no matter what we do, nothing works and eventually – we just feel like giving up. What if I told you it may not be your fault?

We focus on a body weight and body fat analysis.
We follow what we call the body fat analysis because it is proven and effective. When you come in for your free consultation, our doctor will look at your current health and eating patterns to determine the best way to help you shed weight and keep it off without the YoYo effect often.

1. Quality of the foods you are eating. lab studies have found that the quality of foods have a strong impact on overall weight and can help reduce weight by as much as 15%.

2. Hormones: Evidence shows that addressing hormone imbalance, we can create an immediate drop in weight and optimize the metabolic profile of the patient.

3. Medications: Medications will help further optimize metabolic rate, balance your hormones, diminish hunger pangs and minimize reactive eating impulses.