Low Testosterone

Testosterone levels begin to fall and estrogen levels begin to rise as men age. Lowered levels of testosterone affect all muscle strength, sex drive, bone density, and body composition. In fact multiple problems experienced by aging men are attributed to the hormonal imbalance of testosterone to estrogen. Hormone replacement is not recommended for all men so it is important that the choice be made on an individual basis after a comprehensive review of your medical history is done.

Bio identical hormone replacement treatments are compelling, and the outcomes are immediate. Hormone replacement treatment is exceptionally safe when the best possible testing and protocols are utilized and your hormone levels are balanced.

Our one-on-one approach is what sets Male-Rejuvi by Midwest apart from the rest. Our educated doctors and staff approach each patient in a personal way; educating, consulting, and monitoring each patient's results to ensure positive progress. These treatments are made available to provide a safe and healthy way to reset the clock on your body's natural aging process. Give your body what it is missing and start to regain the way you used to feel. Learn for yourself what a huge number of men are as of now mindful of, take back control of your well being and be your healthiest you!