A recent survey outlining top concerns faced by men as they age, suggests that sexual health and physical weakness were ranked as the top concerns. At Male-Rejuvi by Midwest, we are dedicated to helping men reverse issues related to aging. We specialize in sexual health, medical weight loss, low testosterone, and repairing the physical damage to your outward appearance as a result of excessive sun, stress, and/or skin abnormalities.

The aging process for men may not bring on the sudden changes women experience through menopause, however, men also go through something called “Andropause” which can impact your sexual health, physical strength, and energy levels. It is important to know that many of the symptoms of andropause can be reversed or even prevented.

Andropause is a gradual change that results from the slow decline of testosterone levels in men as they age. Testosterone levels fall about 1 percent, on average, every year after the age 30. Lowered testosterone could bring on things like erectile dysfunction; reduced libido and even changes in sleep patterns.

Are you experiencing a decreased quality of life? Low muscle mass? Memory problems? Low energy and stamina? Difficulty losing fat? It may not be your testosterone. These are symptoms of Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency. Our hormone specialists offer testing and consultation for this condition. If detected and treated, your life can be dramatically improved.